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Snow Raindrops Detection Sensor Module For Arduino with Relay Control


Item Description:3.3-5V Rain Raindrops Detection Sensor Weather Humidity Module For ArduinoBrand NewFeature:1.The sensor USES the high quality FR - 04 double material, large area of 5.5 * 4.0CM, treat..

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Tags: Raindrops Detection, rain water Sensor, with Relay Control

Item Description:

  • 3.3-5V Rain Raindrops Detection Sensor Weather Humidity Module For Arduino
  • Brand New
  • Feature:
  • 1.The sensor USES the high quality FR - 04 double material, large area of 5.5 * 4.0CM, treatment of nickel plating and surface, have fight oxidation, electrical conductivity, and life has more superior performance;
    2.With potentiometer sensitivity adjustment;
    3.The output format: digital switch output (0 and 1) and analog AO voltage output;
    4.Has a fixed bolt hole, convenient installation;
  • 5.The comparator output, signal clean, good waveform, driving ability is strong, for more than 15 mA;
    6.The LM393, use of wide voltage comparator;
    7.The working voltage of 3.3 V to 5 V;
    Size: Like the picture show
  • Usage:
  • - Connected to 5 v power supply power lights, no water droplets on induction plate, the DO output for the high level, switch lights out, a drop of water drops, the DO output for the low level, switch indicator,brush away the water droplets, return to again, the output high level state.
    - AO analog output, can be connected to the microcontroller AD mouth drops of rainfall in the above size.
    - DO TTL digital output can also be connected microcontroller detecting whether it will rain.






For Arduino robot kit, rain, rain, plant foliage and humidity sensors can be used to monitor a variety of weather conditions, and with relay output directly control the motor and other startup and shutdown.

Product descrip tion: 
1, the sensor uses a high-quality double-sided FR-04 materials, the large area of 5.0 * 4.0CM, nickel-plated surface and has antioxidant, conductivity, superior performance and lifetime aspects; 
2, the module directly with power relays, direct load control; 
3, adjust the sensitivity of digital distribution, control at different moisture control open relays. 

Performance parameters: 
Module supply: 12V :5-12mA quiescent current 
Relay load capacity: 250V 10A (AC) 30V 10A (DC)

When connected to power, the power indicator light, the sensor board does not drop, the relay does not operate, switching lights off, drop a drop of water, the relay start related equipment, switch indicator light, 
Wipe off water droplets above, and restored to the original state.


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