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MAX485 Module RS-485 TTL to RS485 MAX485CSA Converter Module For Arduino Integrated Circuits Products



1 , on-board MAX485 chip , is a tool for RS-485 communications , low-power , Slew-Rate Transceiver2 , onboard then 5.08 (mm) pitch 2P terminal for easy wiring RS-485 communication3 , the chip has draw..

MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module For Arduino Microcontroller 4 In One Display with 5P Line Red Green Blue



Introduction:MAX7219 is an integrated serial input / output common-cathode display driver, it connects the microprocessor 7-segment digital LED display with 8 digits, you can also connect a bar graph ..

MAX7219 dot matrix module microcontroller module display module finished goods for arduino programming



   Disclaimer:1 single module can drive the an 8 * 8 dot matrix common cathode2 the module Operating voltage: 5 vThe Module 3 dimensions: length 3.2 cm X 3.2 cm wide X 1.3 cm high4 hole..

MAX9814 Microphone AGC Amplifier Board Module Auto Gain Control for Arduino Programmable Attack and Release Ratio Low THD



Features:1. Supply Voltage: 2.7v-5.5v @ 3mA current2. Output: 2Vpp on 1.25V bias3. Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 KHz4. Programmable Attack and Release Ratio5. Automatic gain, selectable max from 40dB,..

MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module white Breadboard Dedicated Power Module 3.3V 5V MB-102 Solderless Bread Board for arduino



The bread board power and other breadboard power module market differences: 1. The concave design, do not waste bread board space. 2.2-way distribution may have disconnected, you can choose ..

MCP2515 CAN Bus Module Board TJA1050 Receiver SPI For 51 MCU ARM Controller



Features:This is a brand new MCP2515 CAN bus module TJA1050 receiver SPI protocolCompatible with Arduino based micro-controller projects.Specifications:Support CAN V2.0B specification, the communicati..

MCP4725 I2C DAC Breakout module development board



The MCP4725 is a 12-channel buffered voltage output DAC with non-volatile memory (EEPROM) of. The user can configure the register bit (2) and DAC input data (12) stored in nonvolatile EEPROM (14-bit) ..

MH-MX8 Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Audio Receiver board BLT 4.2 mp3 lossless decoder kit



MH-M18/M28/M38 is a low-power Bluetooth design solution that supports the latest Bluetooth 4.2 transmission, two-channel stereo lossless playback, and Bluetooth wireless transmission when the module i..

Micro SD Storage Expansion Board Mini Micro SD TF Card Memory Shield Module With Pins for Arduino



100% brand new and high qualityOnboard pop-up MINI SD card interfaceThe related pins are already done elicit and annotationsBoard size: 18.5 (mm) x17.5 (mm)  Package Included:  1 x..

Mini IR Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Human Motion Sensor Automatic Detector AM312 DC 2.7 to 12V



Product Features:  1. Low power consumption, small size, easy to install2. Internal use of digital signal processing, pit interference strong3. High sensitivity, reliability, and can be wide..

MINI Motion Sensor Detector Module SR602 Pyroelectric Infrared PIR kit sensor switch Bracket for arduino Diy With lens



Working parameters: Pyroelectric human body infrared sensor module, model: SR-602Sensing distance: up to 5 meters; recommended 0-3.5M.Output: high level, H=3.3V, L=0VPower supply DC: 3.3V-15VQuie..

Mini PC wifi adapter 150M USB WiFi antenna Wireless Computer Network Card 802.11n/g/b LAN and Antenna Promotion



Features:Built-in smart antennaIn line with IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11n standardWPS security settings with one-click button,to simplify the process of the wireless security settingsType A US..

MINI RFID module RC522 Kits S50 13.56 Mhz 6cm With Tags SPI Write & Read for arduino uno 2560



MF RC522 is a high-integration read/write card chip used in 13.56MHz contactless communication. It is a low-voltage, low-cost, small-sized contactless card reader chip introduced by NXP for "three-tab..

Mini Solar Lipo Charger Board CN3065 Lithium Battery Charge Chip DIY Outdoor Charging Board Module with Connector Wire



This is a supper mini Solar Lipo charger based on the CN3065 - a single lithium battery charge management chip. This Solar charger provide you with the ability to get the most possible power out ..

MPU9250 BMP280 GY-91 10DOF Acceleration Gyroscope Compass Altimeter Altitude Nine Shaft Sensor Module



Description:Chip: MPU-9250+BMP280Power supply: 3-5VCommunication: standard IIC/SPI communication protocolChip built-in 16 bit AD converter,16-bit data outputScope of gyroscope: + or -250 500 1000 1000..

Showing 129 to 144 of 227 (15 Pages)