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STM Dev. board

STM Development board

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51 avr mcu minimum system board development board learning board stc system board microcontroller programmer



Description: 1.IO mouth all leads to the classic 51 minimum system, eliminating the need for welding trouble 2. Integrated ISP 10P download interface, easy to download AT89S52 microcontrolle..

ATtiny13A / ATtiny25 / ATtiny45 / ATtiny85 Pluggable ATTINY Development Programming Bare Board



luggable Development Board Programming Editor Micro Usb Power ConnectorSupport The chip.ATtiny13AATtiny25ATtiny45ATtiny85..

CC2530 ZigBee Sensor Node Baseboard Functional Module Expansion Board USB Port 24MHz 256KB



Product Introduction:1.Frequency:24MHz2.Flash:Up to 256KB3.SRAM:8kB4.GPIO:215.SPI:16.UART:17.ADC:12-bit,8 channel8.Min VCC:2V9.Max VCC:3.6V10.Standby Power:0.4uA11.Wakeup Time From Standby:500us12.Ope..

Digispark kickstarter miniature for Arduino ATTINY85 usb development board



Support for the IDE 1.0+ (OSX/Win/Linux)Power via USB or External Source - 5v or 7-35v (automatic selection)On-board 500ma 5V RegulatorBuilt-in USB (and serial debugging)6 I/O Pins (2 are used for USB..

For Arduino MEGA Sensor Shield V1.0 V2.0 Dedicated Expansion Development Board Sup IIC Bluetooth SD Robot Parts DIY



Features:The board use of Immersion Gold PCB processing technology, the motherboard will not only all the digital and analog interfaces servo extended line order form out, but also ad hoc Bluetooth mo..

NANO and UNO multi-purpose expansion board for arduino nano 3.0



Multi-purpose expansion board is tailored to a sensor expansion board to solve the problem of chaotic NANO wiring connecting a variety of sensors, it becomes your weapon development work. 1 leads..

original STM32F401 256KB ROM Development Board V1.2 STM32F401CCU6 STM32F411CEU6 STM32F4 Learning Board



Data link: GXNX Why choose 401?In the F401 series, the chip is the cheapest, even cheaper than some F1, and crushed F1 on the main frequen..

STM32F030F4P6 48 MHz Small Systems Development Board CORTEX-M0 Core 32bit Mini System Development Panels



This board is a STM32F030F4P6 Minimum System Board(Cortex-M0). The target MCU is STM32F030F4P6 that is provided by ST. It is a ARM 32-bit Cortex?-M0 CPU, frequency up to 48 MHz, high-speed embedded me..

STM32F103C8T6 ARM STM32 Minimum System Development Board Module For arduino



Product IntroductionThis is a core chip based on for STM32F103C8T6 ARM core board, features are as follows:1, the board based on the most basic MCU circuit, 8M and 32768 crystal circuit, USB power sup..

STM32F103C8T6 USB Interface 10 Channel 12Bit AD Sampling Data Acquisition STM32 UART Communication ADC Module



Product FeatureThe 10-channel ADC module uses the internal 10-channel ADC resources of the STM32F103 series as the sampling core, and transfers the acquired sampling data to the internal memory throug..

STM32F103CBT6 Maple Mini ARM STM32 Cortex-M3 Minimum System Development Board 3.3V USB Digital IO PWM Pins Port for Arduino



Processor: STM32F103CBT6, 32 ARM Cortex-M3 processorFrequency: 72 MHz128 KB Flash and 20 KB SRAM34 digital io ports (GPIOs)12 16-bit precision PWM port9 12 precision analog input (ADC) port2 SPI chann..

STM8S STM8S105K4T6 Development Board Module Core board MCU learning board



Data link: 9l46..

XR2206 Signal Generator DIY Kit Sine/Triangle/Square Output 1Hz-1MHz Signal Generator Adjustable Frequency Amplitude



Features: These are all the parts, it need your own welding and installationVoltage Supply: 9-12V DC InputWaveforms: Square, Sine & TriangleImpedance: 600 Ohm + 10%Frequency: 1Hz - 1MHzSINE W..

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